Finding Your Need to Begin


February 2021 Newsletter

Finding Your Need to Begin

I posted this on Instagram a little while ago and wanted to expand on this question, more than you can in a short social media post, anyway.  It starts with tapping into our own self-awareness.  Taking a moment to stop, take a few deep breaths, maybe close our eyes, and go inside.  What is it that you need?   

This question is not easy for many of us.  We can get caught in the flow of things coming at us; all we deal with, the daily grind and the patterns and habits we get into.  It is often easier to look externally at what is going on around us and meeting those needs instead of our own.  "Oh, I better make dinner." or "I need to call my sister, I know she is having a hard time." or even, "My boss has been giving me the stink eye lately, I better get to work early tomorrow."  

Then taking it one step further, what do you need to begin?  What do you want to start?  What has been something that you have always wanted to do, feel, or say and have felt that you just didn't have enough... what?  Time, energy, skill, support, confidence, you name it, right? 

Imagine that it could be yours. How would that feel?  It might be a little messy, scary, wonderful, or all three, and that other thing, too!  It is possible, it might take some work, some effort, some time, and it can happen!  The question is, what do you need to begin?  What is it, what is that very first step?  Once you can imagine what that is, what that need is, you're on your way.   

You can now ask for what you need.  Wait, what, I know!  You can ask for your need to be met.  You can ask for support or more time by saying no to something else.  You have choices,  you can ask others for what you need, or you can look to yourself for permission to meet that need.  Let me say that one more time, you have choices!

I thought this was an important message for all of us, including me!  Instead of just taking what comes, stopping, breathing, and really asking ourselves what is it I need to begin something new?  What is no longer serving us, and what would I need to do something different?  

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